Scarborough Women Recovering

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During COVID-19 Pandemic, we noticed an uptake in Gender-Based Violence and simultaneously a lack of resources and services accessible to women and victims. Thus, for our project, Scarborough Women Pandemic Recovery Model, we are holding discussion sessions with a panel of experts and individuals with lived experiences to address these issues. Our project aims to develop Community Pandemic Recovery Strategies for women through the Gender-Based Violence lens. The project will also generate local action plans through a community participatory approach.


A few activities have been planned to develop those strategies


1.            Conduct a series of community dialogues/consultations with different stakeholders, particularly with local community organizations, Women’s organizations, and other institutes that provide effective services to address Gender-Based Violence (GBV).

2.            Conduct Focus groups with the survivors of GBV and those at risk of GBV. These groups are vital in generating local action plans and the implementation process.

3.            Conduct a need assessment survey to understand the prevalence of Gender-Based Violence in the community before and during the onset of the pandemic which allows us to identify the needs, gaps, and challenges experienced by the victims/survivors. It will also help us identify barriers to access and opportunities and overcome those barriers.


We would like to get the perspective of the women who were impacted by the pandemic in any capacity and directly gather their feedback. We feel that women’s incite would be a great contribution to the discussion.


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We hope to see you on June 15, 2022

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